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About Mississippi Sand. We are a manufacturer and distributor of FRAC Sand. For more information, click here.

Our Mission

Operations and Logistics

Mississippi Sand, LLC is committed to the manufacturing and distribution of high quality frac sand for use in the oil and gas service industry. With a significant reserve located in the St. Peter Sandstone formation, Mississippi Sand owns a premium product source. These reserves meet all API specifications for proppant sand.

The management team within Mississippi Sand is comprised of an eclectic group of professionals, unified with a great deal of knowledge and experience in many areas of focus. These areas include the petroleum and petrochemical industry, energy trading, mineral processing and operations, material handling optimization, transportation and logistics, and quality control. With this diversified group focused on the common goal of providing high quality frac sand in a timely fashion, Mississippi Sand has managed to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Centrally located just south of St. Louis in Festus, MO, the Mississippi Sand production facility is conveniently positioned to serve all markets. This state of the art facility has the capability to safely produce year round, 24 hours a day, and the ability to utilize a multi-modal distribution network.

With a proven reserve, an experienced management team and the ability to provide a high quality product in a timely manner, Mississippi Sand is quickly becoming a leading supplier in the proppant sand market.

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