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Seagraves, TX

Seagraves, TX

Mississippi Sand

The Mississippi Sand-owned and -operated Seagraves rail terminal is located in the heart of the Permian Basin in Seagraves, TX. Situated on a 300-acre parcel served by the West Texas and Lubbock Railroad, Seagraves ties into both the BNSF and UP rail networks. The site is located approximately 80 miles from the Midland/Odessa market, and less than 50 miles east of Hobbs, NM.

Seagraves 6,000 FT loop track can accommodate unit train shipments. The Mississippi Sand site can store approximately 6,500 tons of sand in a combination of flat and silo storage, plus the capacity to store about 13,750 NTs of proppant in approximately 125 rail cars. Mississippi Sand has the capability to expand and develop numerous operations, including trans-load and storage of various oil field commodities, as well as increasing the flat and silo storage capacity by an additional 26,000 tons.

Shipment is available 24/7/365 upon request.

1558 CR 109
Seagraves, TX 79359

(314) 219-7900

Facility Type
Dry Sand Processing & Truck Load-Out