Quality Control

Full time quality control.

Mississippi Sand understands that your optimal performance is initiated by our ability to provide the highest quality natural sand, when and where you need it. One way to guarantee the sourcing of the highest quality product is by carefully selecting the equipment we use in processing our sand into API specified Frac Sand. Significant research and consulting was conducted with vendors and industry specialists to ensure we utilized the best equipment available. Product quality and efficiency are the focus when making final equipment selections

Mississippi Sand has also emerged as a leading provider in silica sand. We recognize the importance of product quality and consistency. We staff a full time Quality Control Technician during every production shift. Our Quality Control Staff completes a strict schedule of material sampling and testing, which includes gathering samples on an hourly basis during production. Those samples are then tested to ensure API specifications are being met.

Lead, Listen, Succeeed

Lead, listen and succeed.

We are a team, led by leaders who safely produce high quality products while simultaneously nurturing a positive work environment and a proud and accomplished labor force. Keeping things simple helps keep us focused and our priorities in line.

Reducing environmental impact

Reducing environmental impact.

Protecting the Earth’s resources and reducing our environmental impact is at the core of Mississippi Sand values. Continually evaluating and seeking new ways to lessen the impact on our neighbors and surrounding environment, we conduct all of our operations in a responsible manner by integrating ecofriendly considerations into our day-to-day business activities and make our operations more sustainable. To take ownership of our environmental impact and make our operations more sustainable, we commit the necessary resources to meet or surpass the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations.